Cosmetic Dentistry in Plainfield

There is little else that can negatively affect a person’s self-confidence than the appearance of a damaged or yellowed smile. Cosmetic dental services allow individuals to achieve their ideal aesthetic. At Millennium Family Dental, we provide patients with a range of treatments designed to make their teeth bright and beautiful. Contact our Plainfield cosmetic dentist today to schedule your exam and consultation for total smile enhancement.


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Custom Smile Makeovers

Our dentists take the time to understand what patients are hoping to achieve with cosmetic treatment. We then recommend treatments based on their personal goals and comfort levels, targeting the specific concerns with their dental aesthetic. Total smile makeovers can help patients who have previously experienced decay or physical damage to be comfortable and confident in the appearance and function of their teeth.

In Office and Take-Home Whitening

One of the least invasive, yet most effective ways to enhance the appearance of your smile is to whiten them. Our practice offers Opalescence® teeth whitening as well as both in office and through take-home trays.

In-office whitening helps patients to achieve brighter smiles in only one visit to our practice. This form of treatment is ideal for those who have experienced discoloration or staining due to the consumption of pigmented foods or the use of tobacco. With just one session of bleaching treatment, we enhance patients smiles before major life events such as weddings and graduations.

Custom whitening trays allow patients to achieve significant results without having to make regular appointments to come to our office. Bleaching trays are custom fitted to your smile, ensuring patients’ comfort as they lighten their enamel.

Porcelain Veneers

If patients have very deep stains, stains internal to the teeth, or uneven wear and chipping, porcelain veneers are able to help create ideal smiles. These porcelain shells are customized for each patients’ needs and bonded to the tooth after it has been prepped. Veneers are matched to the shade of the neighboring teeth and can support the regular functions of the smile. Minimal and no-prep veneers are also available through Lumineers.

Natural Looking Restorations

Depending on the needs of our patients, Millennium Family Dental is able to provide patients with restorations that enhance smile function as well as appearance. Our practice offers same-day crowns for patients who are in need of root canal therapy or who have experienced significant physical damage to the tooth. If patients are missing one or more teeth, we provide natural looking porcelain restorations such as bridges and dentures in Plainfield, allowing patients to complete their smiles. 

Enhance Your Smile Aesthetic at Millennium Family Dental

Boost your confidence in your smile through cosmetic dental treatment in Plainfield today. Our team at Millennium Family Dental is committed to providing patients with smiles they can be proud of for years to come. Contact us today!



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