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Dental Implants in Plainfield, IL

Missing teeth are not only detrimental to aesthetics but your overall dental health as well. Dental implant placement and restoration in Plainfield by Dr. Risty provides patients with renewed oral function and beautiful smiles. This teeth replacement solution is permanent and supports jaw health and bite strength. We offer same-day smile treatments as well as one-day crowns utilizing advanced dental technology for expedited dental implant treatment.

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Benefits of Dental Implants and Restorations

Dental Implants in Plainfield, IL

At our Plainfield dental implant practice, restoring patients’ oral health and function is critical. Dental implants offer an array of benefits that other restorations do not, such as:


Dental implants are known for securely stabilizing restorations and prosthetics. Your dental implants are placed accurately using a surgical guide for optimal results. While patients wait for their tissues to heal, the post is fusing and becoming a healthy part of the jaw. This process is called osseointegration and allows implants to become a permanent anchor for prosthetics. For patients’ total lack of teeth, ill-fitting dentures become stabilized when attached to dental implant posts. 

Restored Aesthetics

Missing teeth, whether one or a full arch, can lead to bone loss in the jaw, resulting in an aged look. Bone density problems can be corrected by dental implants, however. Dental implants posts act like the missing tooth root and once fully healed, implants remain a part of your jaw, restoring strength through improved bone density.

Restorations and Tailored Treatment

At Millennium Family Dental, we complete implant treatment plan with restorations from our Plainfield practice.  Utilizing digital impressions, we provide an array of dental implant restorations such as

- Single unit dental implants (one-day crowns)
- Implant-supported bridges
- Implant-supported dentures 

Our dentist in Plainfield creates tailored treatment plans to ensure each patients’ needs are met, from providing choice restorations to implant placement procedure. We utilize guided implant placement and take comfortable impressions of your smile using our iTero machine.  Our advanced treatment protocols include soft tissue lasers for faster healing times and easier implant placement. If you’re looking for a brand new smile in one day, we offer same day smiles for patients who require removal of all teeth due to periodontal disease. Implant dentistry at Millennium Family Dental is specific to all our patients’ unique smiles. 

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