Treating Gum Disease in Plainfield

The health of your gums are just as important as the health and aesthetic of your teeth. At Millennium Family Dental, we provide gum disease (periodontal disease) treatments from our Plainfield dental practice to ensure healthy gums. We utilize the latest in dental technology, such as the SL3 laser, for effective gum disease treatments; our top priority is restoring your oral health and preventing the advancement of infection. 

Gum disease can be prevented and even fully removed if caught early. Contact our Plainfield dental practice today to schedule a consultation! 




Common Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease advances in three main stages. The first is characterized by bleeding gums and mild irritation at the gum line. At this stage, called gingivitis, proactive treatments can restore gum health completely. However, without treatments, symptoms and infection can advance towards periodontitis. On top of discomfort and bleeding gums, gum pockets deepen and pull away from tooth roots. Advanced periodontitis results in significant gum recession, which loosens teeth, creating the need for extraction and specialized procedures to stop the infection. 

Gum Disease Treatments in Plainfield

At Millennium Family Dental, patients’ gum health is important, and we emphasize the importance of visiting our practice for professional cleanings so we can keep track of your oral health. Gum disease treatments are tailored to the unique needs of each patient, depending on the stage of infection. Treatments include:

Deep Cleanings and Maintenance

As food debris accumulates between teeth and under the gum line, particles harden into plaque and tartar. Deep cleaning, also known as root scaling and planing, is the only way to remove bacteria and debris in periodontal pockets. Deep cleanings by our Plainfield dentist are completed with your comfort in mind. By using our SL3 dental laser to thoroughly remove debris, Dr. Risty helps the gums reattach to the surface of newly cleaned tooth roots. 

To support full treatment of soft tissue infection, periodontal disease maintenance is scheduled over the course of three to six months. Our hygienists monitor the status of your gums, teeth, and bone to ensure you are healing properly and are free of infection. 

Laser Gingivectomy

Patients with severe gum disease that cannot be treated by SRPs, may be eligible for a gingivectomy to remove damaged tissue and reshape gums. By utilizing a dental laser, diseased tissue is efficiently removed and a putty material is applied at the site to protect your gums as they heal. This type of treatment is used to prevent advanced periodontitis, which impacts the jaw bone. 

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Healthy teeth and gums support whole body health as well. To schedule your appointment and professional cleaning for the treatment of gum disease, contact our Plainfield dental practice, Millennium Family dental today. 

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