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Your bite alignment affects all parts of your smile. Severe misalignment creates issues with spacing in the smile. Orthodontic treatment can address issues with misalignment and create straighter, uniform smiles while taking into account the health of your bite. At Millennium Family Dental, we provide orthodontic services as well as dentofacial orthopedics in Plainfield to ensure patients have the smile they deserve. Dr. Risty has 13 years of experience straightening smiles and providing patients with smiles they love.

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Braces Options at Millennium Family Dental orthodontics in plainfield

Straightening teeth can be done at any age, and the sooner the better. To begin, we invite patients to a second consultation to discuss orthodontic treatments. During this visit, Dr. Risty goes over each option in detail and provides information on insurance coverage. We provide an in-house payment plan specifically for orthodontic treatment so that our patients can receive the care they deserve. Our options include:

Once you’ve chosen a treatment plan, whether that’s early orthodontics for your child or traditional or clear braces for yourself, we invite you back to our practice to begin your smile journey. During this appointment, we create your orthodontic record which includes photos, panoramic x-rays, and impressions of your smile. 

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Whether you’re leaning toward traditional metal braces, clear braces, or early orthodontics for your child, it is all done to have healthy jaw function and straight smiles. Our Plainfield dentist will walk you through your options for treatment once an in-depth examination of your smile is done. 

With orthodontic treatment, you can have a healthier, aesthetically pleasing smile that will last a lifetime. This specialty field is focused on treating malocclusion or bad bite alignments that can lead to painful TMJ Dysfunction or locked jaw. 

If your smile has been described as either the upper or lower jaw too far forward or back, or that the upper teeth do not come down to meet the lower teeth comfortably, you have bite alignment issues. Orthodontic treatment, whether clear aligners or braces can combat this.   

Braces, whether metal or clear, can also treat for crowding and spaces, as well as a misplaced midline, where the center of your upper front teeth does not align with the center of your lower front teeth. 

Orthodontic treatment in Plainfield is provided with the expertise of Dr. Risty, who can recommend proper treatments to ensure your smile is changed to meet your goals.  

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A straighter smile is achievable with braces at our Plainfield dental practice, Millennium Family Dental. Dr. Risty and our family-friendly staff are here to provide treatments to help you achieve the smile you deserve. For more information about early orthodontics, metal braces, or clear aligners, contact us today and schedule your next orthodontic consultation.

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